Twelve Below Sparkling Drinks & Tonics

All Natural, Low Calorie and Award Winning.

A delicious crisp taste and healthy all natural ingredients shouldn’t have to be sacrificed to achieve a low calorie, low sugar tonic, mixer or sparkling drink. Well that’s what Melanie and her business partner Ross thought when looking for healthier choices.

But the market didn’t really offer any genuine options. So after coming across many low calorie, low sugar options that weren’t either, or contained the bitter aftertaste from artificial sweeteners, they decided to take the matter in to their own hands and Twelve Below was born. A premium range of delicious tonics, mixers and sparkling drinks that are just 12 calories or less per 100ml.

The inspiration for Twelve Below’s flavours came from Melanie’s own orchard and kitchen garden, mixing classic seasonal flavours such as Apple, Pear, Rhubarb and Elderflower, to create a quintessentially English range of refreshing drinks suitable for every palette and every occasion.

Ensuring 100% natural ingredients, ultra-low sugar and absolutely no artificial sweeteners involved a considerable amount of research, trial and error, before Melanie & Ross eventually identified an organic all natural agave syrup from Mexico. Says Melanie;

“Our final recipes that include the organic agave syrup from Mexico, give our drinks a very balanced natural flavour that allows the subtle tastes of the fruit, herbs and spices to shine through. So much so that a lot of our customers don’t just use them just as a mixer with their Gin but also as a refreshing drink in their own right.”

Success has been rapid with the Twelve Below range winning a host of awards from ‘Great Taste Awards’ ‘The Spirits Business Awards’ The ‘Free From Awards’ and most recently the ‘Farm Shop & Deli Awards.’ A delighted Melanie added;
“I’m delighted that Twelve Below has proved to be the new standard for low calorie, low sugar tonic, mixers and sparkling drinks, proving health and great flavour can work hand in hand.”

Sparkling Tonics

Apple & Garden Mint Tonic

Classic Premium Tonic

Pear & Cardamom Tonic

Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic

Sparkling Drinks

Sparkling Elderflower & Lemon Drink

Sparkling Lime & Basil Drink




Posted by Holleys on Tue 31st May 2022