Chutney should be on the perfect cheeseboard

What should be on the perfect cheeseboard?

This is a topic often discussed among cheese aficionados.

But an answer has been reached. According to two separate judging panels, the answer is The Bay Tree chutney.

As you are probably aware, there are many different ways to use chutney. Being such a versatile product, it is equally useful as an ingredient in cooking, as a relish, or to perk up a sandwich, but according to the experts, one of the best ways to enjoy chutney is to partner it with cheese.

This month The Bay Tree has been awarded three more awards to add to our already impressive collection of award-winning products.

The Great Taste Awards
⭐ Sticky Figgy Chutney - Gold star


International Cheese & Dairy Awards

The International Cheese and Dairy Awards
The Cheese Accompaniment Awards
- Sponsored by Branston
Rosemary & Gin Jelly - Gold medal
⭐ Cheeseboard Chutney- Gold medal

🏆 The Bay Tree was also crowned as Overall Champion


Sticky Figgy Chutney   Rosemary & Gin Jelly   Cheeseboard Chutney


Click here to see our full range of award winners.

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International Cheese Awards Prizes


Posted by Holleys on Thu 9th Aug 2018