The Christmas (food) Song


Ours has got plenty of food in it. 😋

To the tune of "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"
🎶 All together now… 🎵

The Christmas (food) Song


(To the tune of "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire")

Chutneys, pickles, fruit and sweet & sour,
Spices, vinegar and cloves,
Boozy fruits, to enjoy by the fire,
And figs for folks who nibble those.

Did you ever know, a turkey works with pickle, so,
A change from cranberry works just right.
Tiny pots for a foodie you know,
A gift of every taste they like.

They know that Santa's on his way,
With loads of gifts of chilli, chutney, and 12 days.
And every mustard lover's gonna spy,
To see if grandma really knows what to buy.

And so we're offering this simple phrase,
To anybody who loves food,
Although it's been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you.


Posted by Holleys on Tue 4th Dec 2018