Spanish Tortilla

Made using Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar

What to do:

Slowly cook the onions for about 15 minutes on a low heat in the oil and butter until soft. Add the chopped potatoes to the onions and fry for a further 15-20 minutes. Once the potatoes become soft, crush two cloves of garlic into the frying pan. In a bowl beat the eggs before adding to them the Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar and a spoonful of The Bay Tree’s spiced apple & onion chutney. Add the egg mixture to the frying pan. Gently cook the tortilla for a further 20 minutes until the edges and base of it are golden brown and the top is set. To turn the tortilla slide it onto a plate, place another plate on top of the tortilla and turn the whole thing over. Place the tortilla back in the pan, scatter it with chopped parsley and continue cooking. Once golden brown leave the tortilla to cool before cutting and placing in your picnic basket!