September #5DayFavourites

September #5DayFavourites

We’ve all bought an ingredient for a recipe and then never used it again. They always sit there in the door of your fridge challenging you to find a way of using them before they inevitably end up in the bin after you realise they’re 2 years out of date.

This is why we have come up with our 5 Day Favourites! We want to show you that you can use that preserve, chutney, sauce or dressing in 5 days through 5 unexpected and unusual recipes. We will choose a product for each month of the year, and then share with you our 5 recipes using it across not only this blog but our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This month’s pouch is our classic tomato & basil pasta sauce.


Our classic tomato & basil pasta sauce is a great helping hand for making the perfect moussaka! The perfectly balanced flavour of the pasta sauce lends itself perfectly to the dish. This dish takes a while to prepare but is well worth the wait!

Find our Marvelous Moussaka recipe here.

Mussels Marinara

Mussels marinara is a luxurious looking dish but in reality, it is rather inexpensive to make! A quick and easy mid-week dinner, this dish is perfect if you’re expecting a full table! Serve your mussels marinara over linguine or spaghetti with a side of crusty bread to ensure no sauce goes to waste.

Minestrone Soup

September’s weather can be a little unpredictable so sometimes it can be nice to curl up with a nice warm bowl of soup. Minestrone soup is the perfect Autumnal soup with its colours matching the changing leaves. Thin the classic tomato & basil pasta sauce with water before adding pasta, chopped vegetables and beans.

Homemade Baked Beans

Impress your family by swapping tinned baked beans for your own homemade ones! Cook cannellini beans in our classic tomato & basil pasta sauce, honey mustard and brown sugar. You won’t want to go back to tinned beans after trying these!

Bloody Mary’s

Anyone who says pasta sauce is only for food had clearly never seen our Bloody Mary recipe! Combine vodka, classic tomato & basil pasta sauce, water, lime juice and hot stuff horseradish to make this delicious cocktail. It’s the perfect Friday #5DayFavourites recipe!

Tag us on social media when you try these recipes or use the hashtag #5DayFavourites. We can’t wait to see how you make the ordinary extraordinary!!

Posted by Holleys on Mon 4th Sep 2017