Pure Water Jams

Pure Highland Springwater Jam

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Hot on the heels of a range of Cocktail Preserves launched in March, The Bay Tree - the West Country producers of chutneys, sauces and jams for retail and foodservice - has revealed a groundbreaking product range for launch at the beginning of April. Pure Water Jams are claimed to be the cleanest and purest preserves available, and will be available from selected premium retailers and wholesalers from the first of the month.
Each flavour in the range is made using pure spring water sourced from single-estate springs located around the country. The first in the range uses spring water from a secret location in the highlands of Scotland. The site –said to have once been owned by ancestors of founder Emma Macdonald– has been sought after by numerous companies, and was once approached by The Vatican as a source for its souvenir bottled holy water.

Scotch Mist

Berry Scotch Mist (£11.95, 115g), is the first of the pure water jams to be released, and is a fruity blend of blaeberries and loganberries.
When asked about the origins of pure water jams, Macdonald said "While a current consumer trend is for everything cocktail, it's not all about alcohol. We have found our fastest growing market is definitely for allergen free foods. Pure water jams go beyond the demands of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free by using pure spring water in its production. They're not only healthy and delicious, but offer the customer something unique. Yes, they are expensive, but they are a unique premium product, and sometimes less is more."
Flavours soon available include:
  • Leek Chutney with Snowdon Spring Water. (£10.95, 105g)
  • Dundee Marmalade with water from the Balmoral Castle estate. (£12.95, 110g)


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Posted by Holleys on Fri 6th Mar 2020