NEW Slow Cook Sauces

Brand New Slow Cook Sauces!

Everyone loves a good warming dinner on a cold winter’s night and here at The Bay Tree we’re no exception! Our founder and former chef Emma Macdonald has created a delicious and versatile range of Slow Cook Sauces, perfect for the coming months.

Slow cooking is ideal to get the most out of tougher cuts of meat, or game. Often as these cuts are cheaper, Slow Cooking sauces will help your budget to go further, so you can delight your family for less. The quality of the sauce itself is fantastic making those cheaper cuts taste divine!

Beef Bourguignon

As its name suggests our hearty bourguignon sauce is perfect for creating a slow cooked beef bourguignon. The red wine and herbs used in the sauce are the perfect pairing for any cut of red meat but for this particular dish we would recommend stewing beef.

Comforting Cacciatore

The classic cacciatore dish is chicken wings or thighs slow cooked in a Mediterranean spiced sauce. This delicious dinner can be served with either rice or pasta. This is the perfect main course for a dinner party as it has very little preparation work to it but the end result is fantastic!

Classic Minted Hotpot

Our classic minted hotpot is delicious as a slow cook sauce for stewing lamb. Once your lamb is cooked your slow cook can be used as the filling for a tasty Lancashire Hotpot – delicious!

Zesty Orange Casserole

Our zesty orange casserole is scrumptious slow cooked in a big pot with chunky veg and chicken or duck. Alternatively, it does also make a great sauce for a midweek stir fry!

Rustic Cider & Apple Stew

Pork and apple are a match made in heaven which is why we recommend slow cooking a joint of pork in our rustic cider & apple stew with chopped apples. A delicious alternative meat for your traditional Sunday roast.


Posted by Holleys on Tue 31st Oct 2017