We believe that life is better with a dash of delicious! That’s why at Filbert’s Fine Foods we carefully craft all our artisanal snacks by hand in the heart of Somerset, using only the most exceptional ingredients and flavour combinations possible.

For the Epicurious in search of exciting and high-quality snacks but bored in a sea of sameness, Mr Filbert's is here to offer delicious snacks that go beyond expectation!


  • Exceptional quality
  • Strikingly delicious
  • Totally natural


Filbert’s Fine Foods was established and launched in July 2010 by a small group of food enthusiasts who recognised the need for something better…. something exceptional and so Mr Filbert’s was formed. Their snacking ranges bring really interesting and delicious snacks to inspire and delight audiences all over. They have over 40 years experience in the food business and have been awarded more than 40 Fine Food Awards. Their inspiring and truly creative fine food brand continues to set the market alight with some quirky and inventive recipe creations, becoming the firm snacking favourite for so many.


Working from their AA graded BRC accredited kitchens in Glastonbury, Somerset, the Filbert’s team have hand-crafted a range of distinctive award winning products under the Mr Filbert’s brand name. Each inventive snack is created by oven roasting (not frying) the varieties of nuts in Mr Filbert’s very own customised nut roaster, to give what is described as a superior and healthier snack offering. The nuts are then tossed and tumbled through the distinctive combination of ingredients that reflect our quirky recipes from around the world.

So why buy Mr Filberts snacks? Well, there are a few very good reasons;

All the recipes are made with quality, all natural ingredients including some locally grown fresh herbs, local honey and hand foraged wild garlic.

They are naturally free from gluten, diary, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

They are the fastest growing snack brand in the UK

But if you would prefer to read the opinion of a food critic, here is what Tony Turnbull Food Editor at The Times wrote about Mr Filbert’s snacks;

“For nuts, you won't find better than Mr Filbert’s. It focuses on treating the best quality nuts as simply as possible (the dry-roasted ones, for example, contain no colourings or preservatives and the classic mixed nuts are smoked for five hours over applewood, to complement rather than mask the flavours). Its specials include mixed nuts infused with (real) black truffle”, “with which I could happily, as Kerridge says, “spoil my tea””.



Posted by Holleys on Mon 27th Jun 2022