If you are looking for the best chutney for cheese, or a versatile chutney for all foods, we have something for everyone.

What is your favourite chutney? 

What is Chutney?

Chutney is traditionally a spicy condiment made using fruits (and/or vegetables) in a sauce of vinegar, spices, and sugar. It's a tangy combination that makes the mouth water, and it can pep up the simplest of meals. Use it to enhance a sauce, or to add some zing to meat, fish or cheese recipes. Essentially, it is like ketchup but with extra versatility and variation.

How to use chutney.

The most common use for chutney is as a condiment on, or with, meat and cheese dishes, or in a sandwich. But with a little imagination, it is incredibly useful as a cooking ingredient. Adding a spoonful to sauces, stews or pasta dishes will add something special to your favourite everyday recipes. 

Chutney also makes delicious dips for crisps, crackers or crudites. No more buying extra jars of dip to go with tortilla chips, just use your favourite flavour of chutney. If you prefer a creamier style dip, simply mix it with mayonnaise or crème fraîche. For a selection Perfect for appetisers, party snacks, or dipping corn tortillas with your feet up and watching a good film.

FreeFrom Chutney

Do you have a diet that means you are avoiding onions or tomatoes? 

With more people aware of allergies and intolerances, it is good to know that you can find tasty food while still avoiding certain ingredients. So, if you are looking for onion-free chutney or tomato-free chutney, we have these in our range:

Gooseberry & Coriander Chutney - This fruity chutney is delightfully spicy and exceptional with cheese or as an alternative to mango chutney with curries. This chutney is an onion-free recipe.
Spiced Apple & Onion Chutney - A tomato-free chutney that is the perfect addition to a ploughman’s.

Chutney with no onion - The Bay Tree Gooseberry & Coriander Chutney  Chutney with no tomato - The Bay Tree Spiced Apple & Onion Chutney


Cooking with chutney:

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Spice up your cooking and make the ordinary extraordinary.
The Bay Tree has been producing award-winning chutneys for over twenty years. 

When you buy chutney from The Bay Tree, don’t just think of it as a sauce, think of it as a way to make the ordinary extraordinary.