A Christmas Like No Other.

Christmas 2020, like so much of this year, is likely to be considerably different from what we are used to. The gatherings may be smaller, but it doesn't mean it can't be fun, and after the year we've had, we could all do with a merry Christmas. And look on the bright side, with number restrictions, you won't have to tolerate an uninvited visit from that annoying Uncle Ned. 

Your Complete Christmas Food Shopping List.

Food is a big part of Christmas. A traditional Christmas dinner takes a lot of planning, and snacks, treats, and nibbles need to be arranged, which is why it's a good idea to create a Christmas food shopping list. It's easy enough to think of adding turkey, pigs-in-blankets, and Christmas pudding, but it's the extras and accompaniments that create the perfect Christmas. Fortunately, The Bay Tree is here to help for all your essential Christmas food

Online Christmas Shopping Delivered To Your Door.

Remember that Christmas has lots of things in threes. There were three kings, there were three ghosts of Christmas, and The Spice Girls had three Christmas number ones. So, when you start your Christmas planning, remember the rule of three: 

  1. Pop on the Michael Bublé Christmas songs.
  2. Write your Christmas list.
  3. Place your order online to get everything you need to create a perfect Christmas delivered to your door from The Bay Tree.

Christmas Gifts For Food Lovers.

And remember that food items make great gift ideas, be it a stocking filler for a marmalade fan, a chutney pack for a cheese lover, or an assorted selection of sweet and savoury preserves for that foodie in your life.


Christmas All Under One Tree

Think of Christmas, what d'you see?
The magic of the Christmas tree?
Or maybe it's a Christmas treat,
Of wondrous tasty things to eat.
A turkey roasting, smelling fine,
With pigs in blankets, glass of wine.
A Christmas pudding, full of booze,
An after-Christmas-dinner snooze.
The Queen on telly, Christmas walk,
Or playing games and time to talk.
It's Christmas teatime, what a treat,
A cheeseboard, chutney, pickles, meat.
Whatever shape your Christmas be,
Include the other Christmas Tree.

The Bay Tree… The other essential Christmas Tree