Christmas Gift Packs

Christmas Gift Packs from The Bay Tree.

Christmas Gift Packs from The Bay Tree.

Gifting this year will not be the same as in the past, and it looks to be a mail order Christmas.

Gifts Online And Delivered To The Door.

It used to be that the role of delivering Christmas presents was exclusive to Santa, but this year the best way to give a gift to a loved one is by ordering online and having it delivered to their door.
The idea of pretending to be Father Christmas is certainly not new, but this year, the role of Santa will be largely played by the postman. If the thought of Postman Pat on a sleigh pulled by reindeer seems odd, don't worry, because delivery vans will be made available. Also, health and safety guidelines advise against using the chimney, so all gifts will be delivered to the door. 

Gift Ideas For Food Lovers.

With Christmas being such a food orientated time of year, food makes a great gift, and The Bay Tree has foodie gift ideas for everyone. For example, if you are looking for a modern twist on that traditional stocking filler, an orange, how about a mini jar of marmalade in a fun gift box? So, whether you are shopping for gifts for him, her, them, sweet gifts, savoury gifts, or themed gifts, The Bay Tree has pressies for everyone.

Different Gift Ideas.

Friends and family come in all shapes and sizes, and each one of them will have a different preference in food.
That's why we have created such a wide range of exciting and tasty Christmas gift packs.
Whether you are looking for something to satisfy Aunty Mabel's sweet tooth or cousin Brian's love of chilli, you will find something here for everyone.