A letter from Father Christmas

A letter from Father Christmas

on the very important subject of Mince Pies.

Dear Parents (& other adults),

The big day is getting closer and I'm glad to say I've received many letters from children already. It's lovely to see that some of them are taking Christmas seriously and planning early. 
My elves are in full production and have already finished building Archie's train set and Isabella's bike. However, there was some confusion over Matilda Makepeace's request for a big box of M&M's. Apparently, she wants chocolates with her initials on, but the elves thought she wanted the complete works of Eminem. I have to say, the singing in the workshop is not what it used to be.
Now I have a little favour to ask. 
As you know, I love a mince pie when I visit on Christmas Eve, and last year, Oliver Burton and his Mummy made some mince pies using The Bay Tree Boozy Mincemeat. I have to say they were the nicest mince pies I've ever tasted. This year, I'm hoping that everyone will use Boozy Mincemeat in their mince pies. So, when you write your Christmas shopping list, make sure it includes The Bay Tree Boozy Mincemeat. That's a list I'll definitely be checking twice.
Ho, ho, ho,
Father Christmas.

A splodge of Yummy Brandy Butter wouldn't go amiss.
Just carrots for Rudolf (he's driving).

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Posted by Holleys on Tue 20th Nov 2018